Love by the Spoonful


My goal for this site is threefold.  The first is to share with others what I have learned on my journey and to learn from others what they have learned on theirs.  Secondly, I have found many great sources for food locally and want to share that with others.  Being an advocate for fresh wholesome foods it only made sense for me to become a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Thirdly,  the government is limiting and in cases prohibiting small farmers ability to provide wholesome food to the public, we must stand together and protect this basic right.  I am an advocate for small farmers  and family homesteads.  To help support our site and way of life, I have also started a private buying club, a page will be up soon with more information.  Please email me for a membership form and with any questions. 


About this site

Do you have a source for good wholesome food in Brevard county?  Please email me

Food is a source of physical and mental health or disease. Food paves the road  to healing our children on the autism spectrum and many other modern day aliments. Having children with special needs and attachment issues I have found the only way to feed my family is with Love by the Spoonful.   That means I focus on finding the best food available, avoiding foods with cides (herbi, pesti, fungi...) on them.  We eat organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  Meat that has been pastured without hormones, antibiotics and other unnatural substances.  

What I know.....


New Buying Club

A new buying club is being started to make it possible to make and share nutrient-dense foods with each other.  We will also be buying wholesale in bulk.  A separate page will be up by the end of the week with more information. 

Miller Organic Farm

We are currently trying to get enough interested families to have Miller Organic Farm products delivered to Brevard.  While I believe local is better when available I have not found sources for all the products Millers provide and I have visited the Miller Farm in Bird-In-Hand, PA it is a meticulously ran farm with the highest standards.   Go here to see product list and pricing. 

Classes Resume in January

Sharing Love By The Spoonful classes will resume on January with a safer home cleaning class.  Start the new year off without all those harsh chemicals in your cleaning cart.  Classes are scheduled every two weeks. 

Class schedule and information can be found here.

The Garden is Happy

We have been getting a lot of rain for December and the weather has been cool.  The garden is loving it.